Impeccable Upholstery

Over time, upholstery attracts dirt and grime of all kinds. This can make your furniture look and smell less than appealing. We offer deep upholstery cleaning for sofas and other soft furnishings so you can feel at ease whenever guests visit your home.

Say Goodbye to Dirt

Sofas and other home upholstery sustain wear and tear over time. We remove all undesirable materials from your upholstery, including:

Dirt - Dust - Dead Skin - Skin Oil - Pet Dander - Fur - Spills - Gum - Stains - Mildew

Healthier Families

Dirt and dust in your upholstery can cause serious health problems, including asthma and eczema. Our services ensure your home stays healthy. We remove dry soil contaminants and built-up pollutants like body grease. Regular cleaning creates a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.

A More Beautiful Home

Our cleaning techniques restore dulled colors and make your fabrics smell fresh and new. Don't let your furniture lose its beauty. With regular deep cleaning, your upholstery will last longer and remain beautiful throughout its life.

Carpet Cleaning